What is Your Passion? (Part 2)

“When we direct what we want in life toward something outside, toward keeping or acquiring something or someone, so that we can have a feeling state that feels pleasant, we are doomed for suffering. True passion in balanced and integrated form is the commitment to something inside, a knowing and following that leads us into a journey of the unknown.” -Rita Naomi

So try this.

Instead of an emotion, or a person, or thing, consider activities you have felt alive and captured by… consider actions you can lose yourself in… actions where time becomes still or speeds by so fast you can’t believe it’s time for it to end…

List out 10.
Try not to judge it too much.

If it’s making love. Great. Write it down. If it’s playing with your video games, write down your favorite games. If it’s making food for family and friends. Write that too. Plants, gardening… you get the picture.

Go for a walk, do some type of movement and let it go. It maybe other things will start to come forth, you may want to take notes.

Allow for this exercise to unfold over a period of a week and come back to it everyday. Write down anything new.

You will notice over the 7 days that there will be some things you will write down that make you feel strong and alive, and other things make you feel diminished and small. Eliminate that which makes you feel small. 

At the end of 7 days, keep that list, and find pictures or draw pictures, attach them next to your passion list. Set your internal compass to listen.

If you are going through a lot, you will find getting extra support through coaches, friends, healers and therapists can help you stay authentic to your list.

Above all stay true to your heart, let me know if I can help!