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Sometimes symptoms must get louder and louder to make us listen.

Working together, we will determine the areas of movement and factors in your life that need addressing, and if that is already known, to learn techniques to put in a natural “pause” to evaluate any patterns that may be limiting you.

“I believe that the body is a translation of the voice of the soul, and that in effect our bodies are living in the soul.”

Authentic translation of the spirit-mind-body complex is a key to good health. At times the translation between the spirit-mind-body can be distorted. Physical means may be needed to address pain and ill health as well as to vitalize your body. In an individual class with me, I will evaluate your spirit-mind-body complex for physical imbalances such as muscle weakness, coordination, and inflammation. Through physical therapy, yoga, hands on modalities and expressive arts I will develop a treatment plan that is uniquely yours.

Here are a few frequently reported results from individual and group classes:

  • decreased daily stress and anxiety
  • improved relationships with family and significant others
  • clarity of life purpose and the steps needed to make it happen
  • easier joyful sex life
  • marked reduction in pain
  • increased joy, vitality and happiness
  • deep appreciation for life
  • the development of natural conflict resolution skills
  • improved impulse control

Because working with me involves learning and education, our time together is called a “class”. Individual classes are 50 minutes in length, please complete the intake and policy forms found in the Resources section before our first class.

In general, we meet initially for 5 classes and a program of care will be made during that time for you to follow. I also design individualized yoga, mindfulness, and physical rehabilitation programs for orthopedic injuries and women’s health.

Individual and group classes are available in breast care and pelvic floor health for mothers and overall vitality and wellness. Community yoga classes are offered at the end of the month on Monday nights in Arlington, Virginia and Wednesday nights in Bethesda, Maryland as well as select areas in the United States and Europe. Please see the Schedule page for location and time.

Pricing: $225 per individual class.  Group classes vary.

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