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Physician, Heal Thy Self.

Have you ever done something to the best possible degree and still come up short?

It happens.

Sometimes we have phases in life where despite our best intentions, something just doesn’t come together in the way we want or think it should. We may get injured in an accident, or pick something up the wrong way and suddenly can’t turn the head. We may be exercising religiously and develop an injury seemingly overnight. We may have undergone childbirth and our bodies seem to have completely changed (They did!).

Sometimes you may distract yourself in various ways. You may sign up for new classes, new programs, even new doctors, or if you are a caring type, you focus on helping others until you find yourself hovering in 2 worlds of pain, both yours and others…only to find yourself back to square one of some type of pain, some type of self doubt, and general idea that despite all your hard work, you can’t quite figure out how to recalibrate.

Whether the situation is an acute traumatic bout or a lingering something, sometimes we just need an outside hand that no amount of general advice can meet you where you need. And sometimes we have an injury or a predisposition to chronic inflammation in some way (we all have a predisposition to inflammation as we age) and we need help.

Physician, heal thy self. Meaning, take the time to focus on your own healing…to go back to the source (Source) and allow another to help you to do so.

In one on one sessions with me, I will evaluate you for imbalances such as muscle weakness, coordination, inflammation, and inefficient movement patterns. Through physical therapy, yoga, lymphatic assessment and expressive arts I will develop a treatment plan that is uniquely yours. The techniques I use work in excellent combination with therapies that help integrate from past chronic trauma such as abuse, battlefield shock, surgeries, and eating disorders.

Here are a few frequently reported results from individual and group classes:

  • marked reduction in pain
  • decreased daily stress
  • decreased anxiety and depression
  • increased joy and vitality
  • greater self compassion
  • healthier, happier relationships with significant others
  • clarity of life purpose and the steps needed to make it happen
  • easier joyful sex life
  • deeper connection with nature

Individual sessions/classes are 50 minutes, please complete the intake and policy forms found in the Resources section before our first class. We meet initially for 5 classes and a program of care will be made during that time for you to follow.

I also design individualized yoga, mindfulness, and physical rehabilitation programs for orthopedic injuries and women’s health.

Individual and group classes are available in breast care and pelvic floor health for mothers and overall vitality and wellness.

Community yoga classes are offered online weekly on Wednesdays and once a month on Monday nights.  In person classes occur in select areas in the United States near major US National Parks and in Europe. Please see the Schedule page for location and time.

Pricing: $225 per individual class.  Group classes vary.

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