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Have you been been feeling stuck and burned out? Needing to create a fulfilling life? Have you been suffering from stress related symptoms and long for more calm and balance? Meet Rita Naomi, the visionary behind the NAOMI Healing Method, a program tailored for those who seek transformation and healing. Rita Naomi seamlessly weaves ancient wisdom with modern insights, offering a transformative approach that reduces stress, enhances vitality and creativity, and fosters holistic well-being. Through NAOMI (Nature, Awareness, Observation, Movement, and Integration), she guides you to your innate healing power. Join Rita Naomi and awaken your fullest potential for a life of empowered well-being.

Mindful Movement before Tara Brach,

Wednesday 6:30 p.m. eastern, click here

Mindful Movement before Jonathan Foust,

Monday 6:30 p.m. eastern,  click here


Go Outside: Connect and Learn in the US National Parks

Healing and Homeschooling in the US National Parks – COMING SOON! Based on the author’s lived experience in 265 US National Parks homeschooling and healing with her son.


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