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Rita Naomi is the lead teacher and founder of Naomi Healing, a practice that cultivates: a Calm Mind, a Nurtured Body, and an Awakened Heart. A healer for over 25 years, she is a licensed physical therapist, a yoga teacher, and is extensively trained in manual therapies, the Feldenkrais method and graduate education in biomechanics and neuroscience. Her area of focus is in women’s health, particularly, recovery from cancer and menopausal transition. She leads weekly mindful movement and mindfulness classes online.

Every person is unique. Your personal sessions with Rita are individualized using a combination of techniques: movement, breathing, visualization, energy healing, creative expression, manual therapy, diet and meditation practices. Group classes with Rita are geared toward awareness building, finding balance, and strengthening techniques to move through life’s transitions.

Results from her sessions include less pain, calm and a greater sense of happiness and ease in everyday life.

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