“She is an incredible practitioner and human being.”

Rita possess incredible broad range training/certification with many different modalities that intertwine beautifully, meeting each session fully present, spiritually gifted, healing on all levels.

* Raejean Presgraves, Owner/LMT/Lic. Esthetician at Skin Care Essentials

“At the end of my pregnancy, my feet were so swollen that I could not wear my shoes…”

I hobbled around in slippers. After 3 sessions with Rita, I could wear my shoes again! I gave birth to my son, and the edema stayed gone!

* C. architect, mother of 2

“Rita is a highly skilled physical therapist, craniosacral therapist, lymph drainage therapist and intuitive.”

I was her client for over 4 years. In each session she easily wove those skills into a healing session that helped me physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. She listens with her hands, her mind and her spirit. Rita has a caring and interested manner and is easy to relate to. I highly recommend Rita for anyone who has pain/restriction in their muscles, organs or spirit.

* Lynne Elektra Porzel, Owner, The Intuitive Healing Center

“Rita possesses very special gifts that allow her to understand the body as an integrated whole (mind-body-spirit).”

She treats each individual according to their needs and not just their symptoms. Her compassion, understanding, and abilities combined with her extensive education background make her an excellent therapist who can elicit great results.

* Angela Stevens, CEO at Bridging Heart and Soul

“I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants healing and solutions.”

Rita is an expert Reiki physical therapist whose integrative therapies promote healing. Her office is clean, safe, and secure, and her integrative therapies penetrate to the heart of the problem. I have used her services for years and recommend her without hesitation.

* Suzan Harkness, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs at Stephens College

“I couldn’t walk up and down stairs for days without excruciating pain, and could not run…”

In 30 minutes, Rita managed to not only take away the pain, but I found myself walking up and down the stairs as if nothing happened. Wow! Thank you!

* SE, JD and Mother of 3