Classes are held individually and in group format in the Washington DC area and other cities around the world.

Please see the Schedule page for location and times of classes. 

Rita offers individualized care for a variety of issues. She also designs individualized yoga and yoga/rehab programs for more general orthopedic injuries as well as pre and post surgical care.

Individual and group classes are available in breast care and pelvic floor health for mothers and those that want to be healthy, strong and vibrant through out their lives.

“I believe that the body is a translation of the voice of the soul, and that in effect our bodies are living in the soul.”

Maintaining connection to that soul voice helps us to stay healthy and true to what matters most. Getting caught up in the rat race of life is easy to do.  To come back, we  must engage our senses. When the body starts to break down, when we lose our way and sense of meaning, or feel chronically frustrated, angry or “flat”, these are all indicators for losing our “felt sense” of our soul voice.

I provide classes that offer opportunities to engage and reconnect in a safe, nurturing way… through movement, touch, creative expression, and mindful practices in nature.

Classes are held one on one through Skype or Zoom and with in person meetings. At different times of the year there are opportunities for day long and outdoor nature awareness retreats in various National Parks. A 10 month mindful movement and healing group will start in the fall of 2020. 

Online Classes are held via Zoom.

A community yoga class is offered on Monday nights in Arlington, Virginia and Wednesday nights in Bethesda, Maryland. Please see the Schedule page for location and time. 6 week course series are offered on-line and in Kensington, Maryland. 

Email Rita for more information, or to request a session click here.