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The Unconventional Life: How to Escape the Rat Race and Live Your Dream

Advice from a Suburban Mom
and Part-time Nomad in the National Parks

Transform Your Life and Live Your Dream

Are you:

Truth is, you’re not alone. Many people are suffering, feeling trapped and stuck in their day to day life, feeling that “this is just the way it is” and putting their heads down and just trying to get through life. The problem with this approach is that we pay for it in our minds, our hearts, and ultimately our health and relationships with our closest connections and our children.

And really, do you want regrets to be your last thoughts when you’re lying on your deathbed? These are the most common wishes of the dying from a landmark study published several years ago:

  1.   I wish I’d had the courage to live true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
  2.   I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
  3.   I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
  4.   I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
  5.   I wish I had let myself be happier.

Fact is, life is short. Why wait to live the life you have always dreamed of?

And now imagine for a moment:

How much would this be worth to you? Now suppose you could sit down, read a simple eBook, follow the advice and try out a few of the suggestions and steps, and then discover your own wisdom, your own health, your own DREAM. Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t if you have the right advice, know what you need, understand how your body works, and the steps to keep your body safe and healthy. You see, you are important. But only you can make it so. How you direct your mind, move your body, and lift yourself out of the conventions of what everyone else says for you to do and what you think you should be doing…and move into your wisdom, your expression of life is absolutely essential to living a full and happy life: your Unconventional Life Dream.

Think about it. But first…

Who am I and Why Should You Listen

Hey there! I'm Rita Naomi.

Besides being an ordinary mom, running a private physical therapy practice and a teacher of yoga, I’m also a Nature enthusiast and blogger. This eBook came about after traveling with my 7 year old son – now 9 ½ – to over 96 National Parks and Monuments in the National Park system. Over the last 2 and a half years, we traveled as “full-timers” for almost a year (4 months in a tent), and then part time in our van. Now we commute between the Washington, DC area and the Rocky Mountain ranges between Denver and Salt Lake City exploring and learning as we go.  

We have met hundreds of people: enjoying their company through hiking, playing, sharing meals and campsites, talking and sharing experiences. Many of the people we met were of viewpoints and opinions very different from those in our suburban neighborhood in the Washington DC area. We consider them our good friends, meeting them at various parts around the country now.  

What became apparent was the need to put together the answers to many of the questions I received on “how to live their dream” instead of dreaming their life!

For many, the limiting factors centered around how to live, how to be healthy, and be at peace. Others said, “well I can’t because I don’t have the time”. And still others said, “I just don’t know what I want, but what you are doing sounds great to me! How do I do this?”  

I decided to put together the 25 years of collecting wisdom from universities, knowledge and experience from research labs, somatic and healing therapies, self study classes, yoga, meditation…and our time in the National Parks!

And this book is the result, a “How to” Guide on Living your Dream, simple ways to bring your dream out and make it happen. I’ve gone through all the hard work of testing it out and sharing all the essential facts, wisdom, and insights that you need, so you don’t have to learn by trial and error.  


This revolutionary eBook reveals what you MUST know about Living your Dream and transforming your life, for some, overnight! I’ve turned to the wisdom and knowledge I have collected over the last 25 years. I’ve distilled the essential facts that you need to know… down into an easy practical eBook that will help anyone turn the tide on many of the limiting factors prevalent living immersed in the Rat Race. 

What you’ll find revealed in this one-of-a-kind eBook are all the time-tested facts and steps to know in order to turn living conventional living on its head.

So whether you’re looking for a way to:

  • Dramatically improve your health
  • Discover how to travel in the National Parks
  • Or simply searching for an easier way to live that makes you feel happier and in charge of your life

You will find “The Unconventional LIfe” will give you the steps and “how to’s” to see and feel incredible results in the shortest time possible. In fact for many women and men, they have major life changes within several weeks to accommodate their dream.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you will feel better — all within a matter of weeks. Then you’ll be astonished when in a few months your resources are going in the direction you want.  You will start to manifest a life that is more aligned with what you have always believed and felt to be true. I know it sounds almost too good to be true, but that’s how living the “Unconventional LIfe” is. Literally in a few months you could be experiencing the benefits of your Unconventional Life, on the road or in your home.

Ready to learn more?

Here’s How The Unconventional Life May Help:

In the book, you will be given tools for:

Cultivating your Unique Body Wisdom through 5 daily practices

In the chapter on Body

Working with the mind when self doubt, anger, and life falls apart…

In the chapter on the Mind

Creating harmony inside and around you

In the chapter on Nature

Find your tribe and inner circle…

Tips to help you and your children to be free and healthy at home and on the road…

Work with your mindset around money and manifest the Resources to support you...

In the Chapter on Connections that Matter

Develop Wisdom and Insight in

What Matters Most to You

In the chapter on the Unconventional Life Dream

And as a special bonus, for those of you thinking,

“I can’t because I don’t have the time and money?????”

Tips on traveling in the US National Parks

Including what to pack and what to bring

In the chapter on Travel in the National Parks

With all these tools provided, you will be able to put together a package for yourself to live your

Unconventional Life Dream!

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