Start with where you are…

Yoga has been a part of my life since I was 8: my mom, a devout Catholic, wanted to learn more about how to resolve pain in different parts of her life and in her body. It became something we “connected” with.

Yoga was something I practiced over several decades with different teachers in my life and in different parts of the world, mostly for my own health and well-being. It wasn’t until my mom’s death in 2013 that I realized that teaching yoga would not only be my way of honoring her legacy to me but also the means with which to answer the several decade long call within and around me to teach.
Yoga is a way of living for me that involves:

  • the physical body through breath and mindful movement
  • a way of mindful eating through the practice of Ayurveda
  • a philosophy that brings me closer to my Christian roots and God
  • a way to bring prayer to movement
  • a way to offer kindness to myself and others
  • a bridge for listening to myself and others in conflict
  • a means of connection with like minded souls, especially outside of my usual community
    I teach yoga in a variety of settings:

  • community yoga at the Insight Meditation Community of Washington – from 2 to 50 students
  • private one on one classes
  • in the National Parks and various natural places
  • in school rooms
  • in my studio
    My basic teaching style is through the Kripalu method of yoga, where I received my 200 hour teacher certification in 2015. I am currently finishing up an additional 300 hours at Kripalu for my 500 hour teacher certification. The Kripalu method focuses on warming up the body as a key component to the practice as well as paying attention to the flow of awareness that influences you as you move.

    I am also heavily influenced by the Iyengar method, the style of alignment appeals to my creative mind and skills as a physical therapist. You won’t find better yoga teachers in either tradition, they both come to awareness in different ways.

    I combine both of these methods with my own way of teaching yoga, a way that works for my students and the way I am meant to teach.

    Please see my schedule for classes that are offered through out the year. Sometimes I teach spontaneously within several days of landing at a National park or natural area, contact me directly if there is a “spontaneous” class or scheduled class you would like me to bring to you.

    I provide classes that offer opportunities to engage and reconnect with your soul voice in a safe, nurturing way… to be held through touch, movement, sound, sight, smell and second sight.