True Healing Can Occur Right Now

You can heal right now.

You can.
True healing occurs in many dimensions, at the heart, the body, the mind, and the spirit. True healing also occurs at many dimensions, in planes that we cannot possibly see or be aware of.
The other day my son asked me, “What is a tesseract?” For those of you who have read Madeleine L’Engle’s book, “A Wrinkle in Time”, you will understand the reference.
Why are tesseracts and dimensions relevant to healing? Healing occurs not just in a linear fashion, addressing one plane of existence, but across many dimensions.
To understand this, consider the explanation I gave my son about dimensions and a tesseract.
The first dimension is a line. Point A to Point B, with Point A and Point B extending into infinity. Or a point that exists that has no end. I drew him a line.
For children the concept of beginning and end is understood. Developmentally, our minds initially learn in a linear fashion¬†in order to communicate and survive. As for understanding infinity, every child gets it although their logical mind is not fully developed. Ever take a child’s toy away?
In medicine, patient care centers around looking at one situation or symptom in time, Point A and following down a logic based path to point B, concluding in a diagnosis. We suffer when we see the illness as eternal, when in fact our body is finite and all things change.
For the second dimension I drew him a box. We added the concept of height to the line, expanding the line into up and¬†out (extending out into infinity but that’s a little harder to draw).
The third dimension was better explained with an object as it consists of length, height, and depth. To demonstrate the 3rd dimension, I made up a story of a demi-god warrior looking for Poseidon’s Trident under the sea. We could give him directions on the map, but to be able to find the trident, he had to know how deep to go.
Here is an example of the dimensions:

Most healers and “healee’s” ¬†stay in this 3rd dimension. It is measurable, fixable and accessible through the senses or the container of the body.¬† Most medicine can only treat what is in the box, because its basis is in the 3rd dimension. While this type of healing is essential to acute resolution of injury, chronic illness and the aging process build up over time, despite good diets and exercise. Much illness can come from clinging to the physical world because that is what we know…but this clinging becomes the root of much suffering. Staying addicted to the material and physical world, while other dimensions seek to inform us, can result in illness building over time that medicine will fail to heal.

The 3rd dimension is the here and now, a point fixed in space. Why then is it we have the capacity to stretch our minds into the concept of time, something that most other sentient beings do not do? To heal at one level requires living in 3 dimensions fully, to “be here now”. Yet we are larger than our perceptions and the ability to perceive past our senses.
The 4th dimension adds in the element of time. Whereas a person, object or molecule can not exist in more than one place at one time, the 4th dimension adds in the element of the molecule existing through time. In here, lies the work of the shaman and psychic surgeons who can shape shift or reach into a physical structure unscathed. To give an example to Robbie, I showed him this picture and we talked about his experience of “healing”.
For him, healing meant feeling cozy and “at home”. All pieces of himself feeling good wherever (and whenever) he was. Fourth dimensional healing brings a sense of wholeness, of integration and completion. In terms of explaining a tesseract, I took a napkin, folded it in and through itself, and joined one side to another. I am a mom and healer, not a physicist, but the best I could get to was ¬†describing how one corner at right angles to another went to another corner at the same time but existed separately from each other.
The 5th dimension describes more the how we move in space time continuum with all the many possibilities of existence that can occur from our decisions. The discovery of this dimension came about through exploring a unifying theory for the 4 fundamental forces in nature: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear. Nuclear forces are forces at the “micro-est” or smallest of nature, seen with subatomic particles and in the realm of energetic healing. Gravitational and electromagnetic forces are forces we see every day in our natural surroundings, from cars to body movement.
There is no way to draw a picture of the 5th dimension, but the closest I can come to making a translation of healing through the 5th dimension is through art.¬†Much of what we “see” in the 4th and 5th dimension is well illuminated through Tibetan mandalas. It is why with some people who focus on creating the mandalas from “no mind”, much healing can occur just by being in the presence of these 3-d images. While there is no scientific basis here, mandalas represent a unification of frequencies available for healing through 3 dimensional representation. The kalachakra mandala below, one in which I experienced the transmission via the Dalai Lama, and the profound healing that occurred as a result, is one particular example: it details time and space through the cardinal directions, and is a map to unify the body, mind and spirit through out time.
At another time, my son and I talked about the difference between teaching and transmitting knowledge. There is knowledge we learn from a book, and in the Eastern traditions, knowledge we learn from transmission. This Eastern knowledge in part comes from experience, but also from the “no mind” state. ¬†I did not go into any of this with him, because children are natural transmitters of “no mind”. We do not do much in our society to help our children to keep this natural healing ability of “no mind”. So I let this be, only showed him the mandala and asked his feeling and thoughts about it.

True healing extends from other dimensions, and from within, all at the same time, and across time.

The study of physics, mathematics, and chemistry seek to to illuminate past our perceptual world. Paradoxically, these dimensions open not through the mind but through the “no mind” of shamans, experienced yogis and meditators and animals. BUT TO COMMUNICATE¬† what comes across these realms, and how they work, we need both science and the shaman to come to full conceptual understanding and healing of all aspects of our human and humanity being. We must learn how to have the conversation of the dimensions, translate them into a language of study so that humanity can heal. This for me at least, is my mission, to heal and inspire through the transmission of 5th dimension based healing.
As a healer, “I” transmit and receive. I receive you, and transmit from the other dimension. It may very well be that you cannot feel the healing going on, and it may not be you can physically or even emotionally feel it immediately or even for a year, but healing is happening. I listen, take in, reflect back your deepest shadow, your deepest longing, and I help you to reach your goals that are most aligned with your body, mind and spirit. You can heal right now. Are you ready?