The Super Blood Moon and Right Relationship

We are moving into the full moon this week. Astronomers call this the “Super Blood” moon: the harvest moon in the Northern Hemisphere and the spring moon in the Southern. The moon is called “Super” because of its proximity to earth and “Blood” for it being the 4th lunar eclipse of a full moon without a partial eclipse in between. The Blood moon has biblical references, there are some that believe that this was the same sequence that passed during the Jewish Passover, and the day of the Crucifixion, some believe it to be a foretelling of the end of the world.

The peak of the moon, meaning at its greatest luminosity, will be September 27 at 9:51 eastern coast U.S. Please see for more information.

There will also be a full eclipse of the moon, starting at 10:11 p.m. east coast U.S. that will last for 3 1/2 hours with the peak at 10:47.

What this means from its effect on us in the next several days before the peak:

I can’t speak to whether this means the “end of the world”. But I do sense this is the end of the world as “we know it”. Meaning that there is momentum on the planet and its frequencies to move toward “right relationship”. Right relationship with ourselves, with each other and right relationship with this planet. Ideally we want to be doing this all the time. But as I have said many times before, sometimes there are better times in our lives for addressing things, life has a way of captivating us from relationship when in the hubbub of house holding and daily life. And if the moon can govern 2/3 of the planet through the tides, why wouldn’t have an effect on us? Work with it is what I say.

So this moon is all about relationships. Especially your most intimate ones (yourself). Whatever intention you set forth in the previous new moon, the shadow side will reach its zenith in the next couple of days. Whatever old issues you carry and any shadows lurking have the opportunity to come to the surface and be addressed. Take time then to go into silence and for lack of a better way of saying it, behave. Pay attention to any behaviors that may limit you or sabotage you in relationship. Let the issues come to the surface. Recognize your tender points, and be with them first before you address them with a significant other. Very often under anger is an unmet need. Under that wish for something more or for something different is a child self calling out for care.

Be very tender to yourself and others around you. There is something lurking in the air, the same premonitions of death I had for the 3 weeks before September 11, I am having now. But it doesn’t mean that another external tragedy is to happen. What I believe it to mean is to set forth your “new consciousness”. What is it that your soul is calling you to do? It is time. Put it down on paper and call upon whatever your inner resources, your spiritual practice, your friendships can do to help you. You may have to let go of a few things that no longer serve you, but consider it like the trees…they transmute our waste to something beneficial for them. Consider all of what you have had come to you, all your experiences, good and bad as oxygen for your “tree self” and use it to help you grow bigger and taller. You are what the world needs right now.

Also, for some relationships you just can’t directly heal or work with right now, you must care for yourself and just let them be. Set the intention for the highest good and for love to reign.

As we say in the Feldenkrais world, “find ease in what you do, and keep moving toward ease”. (This fantastic reminder was from my friend Silani Wahlgren, a fantastic artist, teacher and friend). As we move into this phase of right relationship. Find the ease in your heart and keep moving toward it. Don’t let anything get in the way of that ease this week, and if you find yourself becoming hardened, breathe and come back.
During the lunar eclipse, the moon will also be at its zenith, take that time to sit quietly. Set a very gentle intention to love yourself and whatever arises. Ask the questions you need to ask. And then listen to what arises. Write them down, draw them out. Declare your intentions and make them in the best interest of all including this planet earth.

May you in your new intentions be liberated from fear, anger and self doubt…and move into the lightness of your being.

Namaste. -Rita-Naomi Moran

Super Blood Moon eclipse on September 28, 2015