Rita’s Bio

Rita has been a healer for over 25 years. She first became introduced to healing in 1972 at the age of 8 when her mother took her to her first initiation of Transcendental Meditation, closely followed by yoga and the Ayurvedic diet.
Rita was born in the Philippines and before the age of 13 had lived in Japan, California, Hawaii, Virginia, Italy and the Azores. Following her Filipino heritage, she was devoutly Catholic as a young child and young adult. Traveling the world and immersing herself in religious traditions taught her that connection to others was one of the most priceless gifts we carry as part of our humanity. Curiosity drove her to study the nature of suffering, in an attempt to relieve the suffering she experienced as a child but also from what she witnessed in the world around her. She found through her studies that expression through the senses was a vital component to healing. She studied movement and stress research while working for the Navy, receiving her Master degree in Physical Therapy in 1997. From there, she went on to study craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage therapy, pranayama, vipassana meditation, biomechanics and the Feldenkrais Method. She also became certified in Breast Cancer Rehab and Lymphedema management and has worked more specifically over the last several years with women related issues related to sexual pleasure and desire.
At different points in her life, she has also been made deeply aware of a “knowing”, where all her senses were heightened and she could see and know the person without them telling her their issues. As a result of this she studied energy healing and became a Reiki Master and has studied with different yogic healing traditions over the last 3 decades.
At the age of 45, she became the mother of a beautiful boy. Motherhood has renewed her purpose as a healer, as it has brought her closer to the very foundation of life that supports us all, namely that we are all connected, and that the world is our most vital legacy and resource. Now she integrates elements of Buddhism and the Mystical into her spiritual practice. She travels around the world leading and teaching classes that integrate creative expression, connection to the earth, and the sacred in everyday life, with the chief mission to help people find their sacred purpose. She can be followed through her Facebook pages: Worldwide Meditation for Healing and Compassion and One Heart Path. Her website is: www.oneheartpath.com