Pranayama 1-2-3-4

Breathing 1-2-3-4

Sit erect with pillow under bottom or sit on chair with feet planted on floor.The type of breath for breathing 1-2-3-4:
Ujjuyai breath or ocean breathe. Diaphragmatically breathe through nose, air against back of throat down to deep in belly.The rhythm of this breath is as follows:
Breathing in for 4 counts
Hold for 4 counts
Breathe out for 6 counts
Hold for 2 counts.

It is done at 3 locations. 8 times at waist and chest, 6 times at top of shoulders.
1st position: With hands at side of waist, palms down, thumbs toward back, fingers together toward front.Repeat 8 times.
2nd position: With hands upper chest, thumbs in armpits, fingers together with palms facing down over chest. Repeat 8 times
3rd position: place thumbs on middle of collar bone, index fingers resting on top of shoulders, fingers together and pointing down back, elbows up toward sky as much as possible. Repeat 6 times.
After 6th set, bring arms and hands up over head, imagining white light surrounding you and coming forward and enveloping you.

This breath can be used for regulating the breath during anxiety, insomnia, mind racing, and other situations where one feels themselves out of touch and unable to calm down.