Patterns of Pain, Patterns of Happiness (Part 1)

Perhaps the simplest and most efficient way to initiate healing and maximize efficiency and balance is through becoming aware of your Breathing.

In this short 2:34 minute video, we will explore breathing “naturally” and “unnaturally” to become aware. This movement lesson is taken from the book “Awareness through Movement”, by Moshe Fekdenkrais.
My videographer was my 7 year old son Robbie. He was trying to do the videotaping and do what I was describing in the video, so there is a bit of movement and exhaling in the background.

Below is a written transcript of this breathing exercise:
(note: If you have unstable blood pressure or unmanaged diabetes, please talk to your doctor first. There are ways to modify this exercise but you will still require extra guidance. Please see me for an evaluation so I can help.)
Lie on your back. Knees bent, feet on floor. Feel your back on the floor. Breath in and out and notice where your breath naturally goes.
Place your hands on your belly. Notice when you breathe in if your hands rise or fall. Don’t change anything, just notice.
Now place your right hand at your heart, left hand at belly. Take a deep breath. Holding your breath, move all the air to your upper chest and then down to your belly, back and forth. Do this by pressing the low back into the floor and bringing the belly button up and in toward the spine. Then to bring the air to the belly, push the belly up to the sky.
Do this just 2-3 times then rest. Notice your breathing and any changes.
Repeat this sequence 2 more times, noticing your breathing between each rest phase.
Again, bring your awareness to your breath, this time when breathing in: relax or push your belly out followed by your chest moving up.
When breathing out, let the chest fall in followed by the belly.
Take your time as you go back to your activities of daily living. Check back with this breathing experience over a period of several days. You will learn more about your breathing to help you through your life. This is an exercise and experience to return to periodically when feeling stuck, sluggish, wired and unhappy. You will appreciate your new found awareness and all its benefits!