Our Results Will Bear Fruit

Whatever a person does, the results will follow him to the farthest reaches. There is nowhere, not on earth or in the sky, that the results of our deeds will not bear fruit.
—The Dhammapada

It is hard to get the perspective on just how deep Grand Canyon of Yellowstone park is. When I took the picture this summer, I was struck not only by the 1000 foot depth of the canyon but by the thought that it was formed by 1 rain drop joined with other raindrops that over time wore away the stones and earth to create the beauty before me.

Every action of kindness, every action of love and connection can be 1 raindrop wearing away at the inner stones of despair, hatred and loneliness in another person.


Intending well being is also important, for another as well as for ourselves. If the wellspring of intention is from a need to please, or a subconscious attempt to control or manipulate another, we may break down the stones of disconnect but we pollute the waters of our offering. The canyon was carved from the water, but different streams feed the source. People everywhere are hungry for love and kindness, be clear in your own source by giving yourself a drink of love and kindness first. From this wellspring, our offering can be made without harm.

It is amazing to think that something so small as a raindrop can make a difference. And the same goes when as one person we judge ourselves as too small to make a difference to help, or we think that one hurtful response or one lashing out here and there does not make a difference. We, you, I are a necessary component to the larger whole.

What if each one of us were to make an effort to be kind wherever we could? And in our acts of reaction and anger take that energy and transmute that into creative expression, knowledge, and resolve to do better? What if we recognized our tears and those tears of our neighbor or of a person down the street create a common whole? The shared waters of our humanity could change the world, breaking down the stones of hatred, separation and despair to create a valley of joy and happiness to all those we meet. Let us all create beauty together!

Namaste friends.