Nature Gives Us Healing…

Nature gives us healing in all ways. When we can meet the elements and the animals where they are, preparing ourselves and being open, we prepare for the possibilities of wonder.

One of the more amazing experiences this summer while camping in the Grand Tetons was receiving snow and hail.The Lower Saddle received 4 inches of snow…a week later 72-80 degree temperatures resulted in snow melt and a waterfall visible on our hikes around Jenny Lake.
Living at this altitude, we had to be prepared for just about any weather front. My backpack contained rain jackets, a light sweater for Robbie, bear spray, knife with flint, water and snacks. But even carrying these things didn’t really prepare me for what could happen with no notice at all. A crack of lightening across a rapidly darkening sky, thunder rumbling and in a breath, driving rain. A sudden crashing 75 feet in the brush in front of us that instinctively made me throw an arm across my son’s chest and push him behind me, a grizzly appearing out of a bush. Wildfires burning through the sage covered high desert plains, “keep evacuation at the back of your mind”, the ranger said. Generators failing at the general store, the aisles filled with tourists buying milk and bread. Sunlight streaming at 5 a.m. pulling me up to salute and greet the day, meditating, opening my eyes to the soft grazing sound of an elk 20 feet away.
There was the knowledge of beavers, the observation of moose, the inspiration of eagles, the glory of crystal clear ice cold water on sun drenched skin, followed by teeth chattering and the deep bliss of very hot rocks on chilled body.

All of these experiences of nature are not unlike working as a healer. Much of our internal environment gets redirected and reflected back to us. The more quiet we become, the more we can receive from our environment. And the more we can receive, the more we can reflect and give back to others through our own natural expression.

What is most natural within our own selves is most healing for everyone. And the same follows as a healer and the healee” in the healing process.
Healing is not saying illness goes away. Rather the deepest healing may not feel good, it may be in fact painful in some way. But in true healing you will no longer suffer. When we move with knowing that every step is important, then warning signs and danger becomes an indicator to listen deeply, rather than fear and shutting down. Your acknowledgement of pain can transform any situation into the possibility of truth and peace, making healing possible in all ways.
May in your day you rest, acknowledge and open to the beauty and wonder around you and be transformed. May you be healed in nature inside and out.