Making New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 (Part 1)

Happy New Year Everyone…

What a roller coaster this last year has been! With our travels through the U.S National Parks and Monuments in 2016, from the Northern United States to the west coast and now in the southwest, what has become clear is just how everyone is caught up in the ups and downs, with much rage, heartache and blame across the board. Because of this, many people have been forced to assess their values and beliefs, as a way to find a “new center”. In many ways, these past 2 years have served as a clarion call to rise up and give voice to one’s deepest beliefs, no matter if you or I believe in the same way.

It is a challenge not to get caught up in the ups and downs. Much of the wounds in this country have never truly healed from our inception as a country that was formed in part from fleeing religious and economic oppression. While one side of the civil war “won”, the civil war continued in a behind the scenes way, in an internal and external way, with much being aired these past 2 years.

Most people on both sides of the fence will say at this point that there is “no center”, no “moral compass” and that the “light” is foundering. What is important is remembering that this country was founded on the values of liberty and justice. We have been and will always be a conduit for the world in what that really means. We have in our own backyard been loving, abusive, the oppressor and the tyrant as well as the most generous and most inspirational place on the planet. We are right now existing in a place where a new center is being formed. Do we meet polarity with polarity? Or do we start to pause and listen? Healing does not take place from meeting fight with fight, but with action based on coming from stillness. This is sometimes called, “doing without doing”. When a system has most ease, the rest flows naturally. But we cannot flow if all parts are not being addressed, whether it is our own body/mind/spirit complex or the societal complex as a whole.

Which brings me to the making of New Years Resolutions, intents and goals… which is in (Part 2) of the next post.