Lower your Pain, Prevent your Pain

Where there is muscle tension, other tensions will follow. The myofascial system of the body is the great web of tissue that encases our muscles, nerves and brain, it is in effect the largest communicator in the body and it is the basis of our connection with the outer world. When this system is in tension, we will be in tension. And when we are in tension, we become imbalanced, which over time will lead to pain on all levels. With the world in as much pain as it is today, here is a very simple method of contributing positively to the world in a way that everyone can do.

Pain occurs as a result of patterns of unease and lack of awareness in our daily lives. While there may be larger grosser occurrences that make our hearts, bodies and souls cry out, most pain does not occur over night. And in fact our response to larger events is mediated by our level of awareness and ease within our own bodies and psyches.

You don’t need an advanced degree or even any degree to do this, all you need is willingness. It does not matter if your pain is physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual. Try it out:

Pick 6 activities in your day you do everyday. And I mean everyday, even several times a day. I have listed examples here and if you find you are struggling with coming up with something, use what I wrote:

  • moving from sit to standing on the toilet or from a chair;
  • sitting at your office space or wherever you spend most of your time
  • talking to a significant relationship
  • walking from your car to your office
  • bringing food from your plate to your mouth
  • sleeping posture

With each activity do the following:

  • pay attention to how you are doing the activity. Is there any tension with how you are doing it…are you putting more weight on one side of your body, holding your left shoulder tightly…are you holding your breath when you interact with a loved one, turning your body slightly away to protect yourself? Just take notice.
  • Is there a way you can do this movement, this interaction, this way of eating or sleeping that allows for ease in the body? If you have to use MORE effort, than that is not correct. MORE EASE, LESS EFFORT is the point in all these activities. I am not saying that the interaction with a loved one could bring up uncomfortable emotions, but pay attention to your own tension, your own bracing inside. Consider what might make it easier, time of day? Body position? Have you eaten? Say yes to ease in all of what you do.
  • Do you need more support? Who and what will contribute toward ease? Do you need to slump more (yes, seriously)? Add some blocks in front of your toilet so you can totally relax to release? Put a pillow between your leg to sleep?

Try this for a week and see if your overall quality of life and happiness improves. If anything, taking these extra moments of care for yourself, will make everyone else feel good. And who doesn’t need to feel good?

If you need further assistance with awareness, reducing or eliminating pain, relieving myofascial tension and coming into vitality, I am happy to help. Please email me at [email protected]