Loving Kindness Practice and the New Moon

The subtle force of nature is always around us. Today in particular, the fingernail crescent is hanging in the sky, the new moon.

So much is going on around us at any given time. While it’s important to remember to love oneself, we must also strike a balance with self focus otherwise it becomes narcissistic and the rhythms of life and nature pass by unseen.

As we pass through the new moon phase, the moon’s pull on the waters of the earth is building in strength as it starts to “wax fully”. The waters of our bodies are also pulled, making us more emotional, volatile and subject to vivid dreams, restless sleep or limbic disconnect from higher cognitive function. Yet in these shadows lies a place of intention, where dreams long held underground in the psyche can come forth. Many believe this is the optimal time to set an intention so that it flows in synchrony with the night sky.

And why not? Why not use this force, loving the shadow as we build toward the light? If it serves you, set your intentions now or reevaluate what brought you here to do this practice. How can you be of service to the voice that calls to you from behind the shadowy moon…the voice that calls you into the nature of living?

May I be well.

May you be well.

May all be well.