Living In The Flow (Part 2)

Surrendering to the flow of life does not require a place or anything special, it can happen right now in one breath and then the next.

Yet to surrender very often means letting go into the “unknown”. For many, fear of the unknown will stop people for years from making any move forward into their lives. From an acute perspective, breath becomes shortened and breathing becomes centered in the upper chest. From what I see in my clinic, chronic “holding on”, depending on the emotional state, will show up as chronic inflammation issues, especially at the psoas, low back, and neck. Longer term holding patterns will show up in other organ systems.

For me, I had come to that point of surrender. I was busy helping others, locked in care of the self that involved a lot of yoga, diet and movement yet ignoring the signs in front of me to get, as my dreams and intuition said, “to the mountains”.

It is completely possible, as many of my patients, clients and other yoga teachers and healers do, to practice and practice yet ignore what is directly in front of you to do. In a sense, even though we receive the guidance right away, we ignore, as the teacher Jonathan Foust says, “the still small voice within”.
So I breathed. And breathed again. And received help in the voice of my son, “mom, can you be my teacher this summer? can we do camp together?”
And so we happened on our journey. I planned 500 miles a day with the destination of the Grand Tetons but remained open. What had stopped me to this point was “not knowing”. I realized that the unknown wanted to remain unknown, and to take action anyway. i wanted to be responsible, to provide for my son…the old way looked like itineraries and structure, when everything was saying just listen. I had a tent. I had a credit card and a budget of $50/day. I had my car. A phone. And me and Robbie. It was time to trust and have faith.