Leading with Intention

Where the mind goes, life flows…

Having an idea of our internal compass can do wonders for those of us who want to be of service to others.

Our internal compass does not have much to do with how we feel, but the sense we have inside of where we intend to direct our energy and thoughts, and a means for navigation throughout the day.

A lot happens during the day to throw us off course, the practice of mindfulness teaches us to pause and to notice our reaction to life’s events, to allow for all of what is here. Mindfulness teaches us that there are no emotions that are incorrect or wrong, and that by pausing and noticing our response to an event, we give space for all of our “beingness” to be here, which allows us to make an “informed” choice on how we want to act in an integrated fashion. In a sense mindfulness gives space for the heart and mind to work in an integrated fashion.

Yet to be in life’s flow in an integrated fashion, the heart must lead the way. Even embryologically, we can see that the heart is developed before the brain, and at the end of life, we return to the heart and to remembering those we loved. Here in the United States we live in our society with our mind leading the way, and then wonder why we are lost. We have, in effect, lost our true North. Truly, the mind must live according to the heart for a person to live in true happiness and authentic service to others.

This is where setting an intention comes in. By leading our minds with a daily heart centered intention, we give ourselves an internal compass, a place of safety and rest, a place of respite so we can reorient ourselves to what matters most to us. The intention can be a higher ground to remember when everything around you may be falling apart.

Setting an intention is best set in the early morning, after your daily practice…this practice can be as simple as mindfully taking a shower or making your coffee and following your breath in and out. After several moments, ask  “Hello heart, what do you need today ?”  Very often a word or a feeling will immediately come up. Choose that. And if it is not immediately forth coming choose a feeling that gives your heart ease.

Come back to the word or feeling periodically during  the day. You may find that the polarity or opposite feeling of your intention may arise. Learn to hold the felt sense of your intention AND the felt sense of what is actually here before you, this is the process of cultivating equanimity. When you cultivate equanimity, this can foster space for the heart and allow for more of what you intend to be cultivated.

Try this for one week or one month and see how it helps your service, your life. Let me know how you do!

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