Keeping Focus with Kindness

Yesterday, my son ran up to me, put his face close up to mine and said, “Mom, sometimes my head is so full of thoughts, I just hate all the thoughts that I can’t stop!” I asked, “do you want help with putting those thoughts on hold?”

A type of eagerness to teach my son swept through me, maybe we could continue the conversation on meditation we started. Instead he shook his head and said, “no, mom. Let me tell you what I do. I keep my focus on what I am doing. And I keep doing what I’m doing. Eventually they go to the top of my head and they just disappear.” I asked, “are you nice to yourself when you do that?” He looked at me blankly, “why wouldn’t I be?” And then he gave me a big hug and ran off to play. As usual, he had something to teach me.

It is 40 days into leading a 45 day practice on loving kindness (Metta). Just like in any type of meditation, our heads can become full of thoughts.

Yet with gentleness and kindness, we can continually return to the focus on wellbeing, care and love. To keep the practice fresh, we return again and again to the sensation of care at the heart until all that’s left is a beautiful flower, fresh and lovely, our heart and others in deep connection.

May our focus remain clear and bright for a world where children may live, breathe and play with safety and ease. May we all be happy and well. And have the means to do so.