How to Manage Your Inner Environment… Energy Fields and Sensations, (Part 1)

Whether you are an empath, a healer, someone engaged in spiritual practice and prayer, or are all of these, there comes a point where our sensitivity to energy fields and the energetics around us can become heightened to the point of overwhelming or very challenging.

During these times, which are times of transition until our nervous system and psyches adjust, we must learn to manage our inner environment in order to function in the world in a healthy way.

It does not matter if you are more emotional, have racing thoughts, see auras, are psychic or feel everything around you, the gateway to getting centered is through the doorway of sensation. Adding in the breath and paying attention to the mind give us the tools we need to calm and center.

Please see my video below on a short talk on how to manage energy sensitivity.

I have also included the steps outlined below:

1. Use the breath…it can be Diaphragmatic breathing or Nadi Shodana

2. Work with Sensation. Find one point as your anchor, such as the hands which are rich in sensory nerve fibers. Or placing a hand at the heart to focus at the heart chakra.

3. Mindfulness techniques – watch the sensations and feelings as they arise and Pause. When we pause, we can separate from our reactions and gain greater management on how we perceive and can act in a wholesome nurturing way to ourselves.

Use all 3 of these together, starting with the sensation and breath, finding a reference point in your body first. Then move to a pause followed by noticing your perceptions.

A few other things to help:
Remove yourself from the situation even if it is for a moment or go to the bathroom if you are at work and can’t leave.

Talk to a friend or be in a community with shared values.

The next blog post will have more information on how to manage if you are energetically sensitive and have had trauma.