How Much Aliveness Can You Bear? (Part 1)

We are polar beings. From conception on, we divide, connect, separate then long for wholeness. We are male. We are female. We are love. We are hate.

I sometimes wonder if Newton didn’t come to his 3rd law of physics, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, by just observing human behavior.
This law holds true in our expression of consciousness and behavior. As physical products of energy that have become matter, as humans we exist in a world of polar emotions. As a collective, we embody polarity. Of late, we can see this extreme in U.S. politics through the candidacy of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. And through the rise of yoga and mindfulness in everyday conversation, alongside the overt deadly expressions of hatred.
We are designed to take a side. We are designed for polarity. Yet that polarity takes us from our source, the larger source or governing principle from which we came. Even in the clamoring for “more light”, if we are not aware of the larger source from which we emanate, we are doomed for vanity, ego and the desire to divide and conquer to prove our way is best.
In that source, whatever you may call it…I call it the larger frequency of God from which all wave forms emanate… there lies a beat.
In the beat of the butterfly wing as she crosses the Sierra Nevada
in the soft rising of the moon above the Erie shore
in the sunken ocean of the Tanami desert
in the roar of Pele’s flame through Kilauea, Eldfell, and Nyamuragira
in the soft beating of my heart as I exhale
It is here I listen to aliveness. Here I go to be guided. And here I go to remove myself from polarity so that I may return to the world of polarity. So that I may act. For to act is a necessity for this earth to continue. To remove oneself is to come home, to act is to create life.
How in your day will you remove yourself to come back into the fullness of living? How much aliveness can you bear?