Heart Ease Wherever We Go

The full moon above always reminds me of the transient nature of life: she is full, she wans, she waxes.

Watching the moon as my son grew through toddlerhood into a child, my son and I have traveled with the earth, spinning on her axis across the seasons. Watching the moon across the nation, we have traveled with the sun, spinning on an axis aligned with our hearts and the stars above.
We have formed and joined with communities across the US, with people from this country and around the world. “Is the moon with you different than it is with me? Perhaps you see it your way, and I see it mine…but the moon is no less the moon anyway we see it.” Somewhere in our looking is an ease that calls to each one of us through the heart. A frequency that is uniquely yours, theirs, a frequency that is uniquely mine, and a frequency uniquely all One. The moon always reminds me of this.

A friend lost her mother and her best friend this past week, a very deepΒ  and heart shattering sorrow. I was also reminded of the loss that comes as we age and with illness in in listening to others’s pain. Life, the moon, wans as the earth turns.

There are also the very strange and profound losses that occur as we start to live into who we are, and the ease that calls from the heart. Relationships fall away, and the moon goes dark. In those spaces we can find a cave, a place to find ease, even in the darkness, for in that space longing and pain can give way to creation and joy.

The sun spins, the earth turns, the moon waxes, and a baby is born. Life becomes, and death the bridge. We don’t know where anyone is on that spectrum. Their life may look like everything you want on the outside, but inside they may be in pain. I endeavor to encourage heart ease wherever we go…and inside myself through mindful movement, breath, and connection to love through prayer and meditation. When I forget, I watch the moon.

May all hearts be at ease, and if you my friends and family forget, look at the moon…I tucked a pocket of love in a crater up there just for you.

Namaste πŸ™πŸ½ πŸŒ•πŸŒ–πŸŒ—πŸŒ˜πŸŒ‘πŸŒ’πŸŒ“πŸŒ”πŸŒŽπŸŒπŸŒ