Going Home – November Full Moon 2015


“The Full Beaver moon in November was the time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. Another interpretation suggests that the name Full Beaver Moon comes from the fact that the beavers are now actively preparing for winter. It is sometimes also referred to as the Frosty Moon.” -Farmer’s Almanac

Beavers are creatures that spend most of their waking hours building their homes: chewing and bringing together the harvest of their labor to build a safe place and to rest for the winter. Their bodies are equipped to live and be in water no matter the temperature, they work well in community and are most active during the transition times of day and night.

There is much symbolism in the Beaver and the full moon this year. This time of year here in the United States, as we move into the November holiday of Thanksgiving, we reflect on family, of having a home and being thankful for what we have. For those of us who can afford it, we spend days preparing, shopping and creating a bounty of food that we hope to share with others. We invite people into our homes and some volunteer going to others so that others may not be lonely and to bring food.

The planets in the sky this year bring about more emotion than usual, more conflict, more extreme between dark and light, more people displaced inside and out, more people that have and have not. We can see this reflected in the world around us.

For most of you, this may be a hard leap to consider the world as a reflection of the planets. And it is a leap for the mind, although not so much for the heart. We are all connected: our thoughts, our behaviors, our breath. The heart connects us with a larger force governing us, and as humans, we govern what we see around us. We have the ability and the choice to change what we see: to end suffering, to bring about peace, to help and to be of service.

This moon is all about going home. But not the home or structures we have built, the patterns of life, the patterns of behavior, and the patterns of ideas that we hold most dear. This time of year, and the energies of this moon will reflect it, is about coming home to ourselves: to be who we really are. We may not like our personalities or our lives, or we may be in love with our personalities and our lives..either way, this moon will reflect both. We are being asked to withdraw our energies from dynamics, from our usual patterns and to hold a neutral place. For most people this is a foreign place, running from appointment to appointment, work to family, there is no space to be quiet; the mind is always going, even in their sleep.

This is a time to cultivate “your practice”, the time to cultivate the activities that help you to be still inside. Not the things that make you feel comfortable, but the practices that allow for both discomfort and comfort. Being in the flow and surrendering to life has little to do with personal preference, it has everything to do with seeing what is here, painful or not, and breathing with it.

The energies of this moon are asking you to breathe with what is here, to cultivate the beingness inside you.

The suffering in the world will only get stronger unless we stop our reacting. We must be still inside and take action from this place. That is what this moon, this time is saying. Stop. Pause. Take stock, breathe. Rest, reflect, take action. Reflect, rest, take action. It does not mean spiritual bypass. It means pause, rest, reflect, then take action. Otherwise we too will be doomed to continue this cycle of displacement and terror we see out in the world inside ourselves…we must be that home inside to provide a home to others.

On this full moon day, may you let go of your patterns, your behaviors and ideas of “who you are” and rest in what is here. May your internal home be at ease and peace. May that peace reflect out into the world. May that peace provide a safe haven for all refugees and all those suffering in the world.


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