Full moon January 23, 2016

January 23, 2016

I love that the moon is full today. That the air was still, and a foot of snow blanketed the trees, cars and houses as I got ready for sadhana. I love that yoga found me today, there was no form, no structure, no prescribed asana, rather a formless flow that moved through me. I love that Kripalu-Bapuji’s face came into my mind’s eye bringing me into deep meditation. I love that as I came out of meditation, lightening streaked across the sky and thunder rolled in the heavens. And while love is love and a constant place only diminished by our own limited perceptions and views, I love that my son is here beside me, hugging me, happy and eager to play.
May you in your day find something that enlightens, inspires or connects you to the magic of who you are.