Frequencies and “who we are”

Einstein once said, “We are matter slowed down long enough to manifest into physical form”.

When people come to me for energy healing or to learn how to use it for themselves and others, I describe energy healing like this:

All matter has a frequency, and combined together has a unique frequency. The earth has its own frequency, every physical body has its own frequency. Every healing modality has a frequency. Every faith, religion, culture, emotion and thought has a frequency. Our bodies know how to attune and respond to frequencies that match. And those that don’t match we are naturally averse to, or at different points we become attuned to. That is why some healing modalities work, to include traditional medicine.

It is important to consider that we all come from a unified field, a universal field, that I think of as love. But not the romantic love of this human plane. More a frequency that has to do with a creative liberating force that transcends thought and matter.

From this field we come, and are translated into individual form. And from this field comes the larger source of wisdom and our truest nature. The “field” encompasses many realities, many lives, many universes, all going on simultaneously.

Many wisdom based healing traditions utilize transmission as their primary means for “education”. As wisdom based healing traditions are non-intellectual and more to do with the heart resonance or frequency, this makes sense. This is why in Buddhism, Reiki and some Yoga traditions, for instance, sitting at the feet of a teacher or master is very important. It has nothing to do with making oneself less than or in servitude, this form of learning requires the direct transmission through the frequency of the teacher to the student. Intellect is secondary and is the real servant, something that many in the west really struggle to accept. For them, unless they can see and process with the mind, it does not have credence or have existence.

Embryologically, after 2 weeks the embryo develops 3 layers called the ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm. The outer layer or ectoderm becomes the skin and the nervous system, and the mesoderm or middle layer becomes the muscles and fascial system and the heart. All of these become the receiver of the body. The facial sheath of the body is the receiver that transmits to the sensory nervous system that goes to the brain. We are dependent on the fascial and sensory systems to fully embody and integrate information, otherwise we would be walking heads with no connection to each other and our environment. In other words, before we can walk and talk, we have already formed the basis of frequency and communication, we have our own level of wisdom that has been transmitted from our mother, our DNA, and those around us. This I describe as the “bottom up” part to learning. We then develop the mind, the intellect, or “top down” part to learning. Without the integration of both we are at a loss in the world and in relationship. We may be able to navigate a high powered job as a politician, general or physician, but we may not have the awareness of how the world really works. This awareness comes from our receiving or experiencing the “bottom up” portion to learning, which is also the wisdom and frequency that we resonate at naturally. We spend most of our lives in fact, trying to come back to this natural frequency, so much of stress and anxiety are the disconnect from our sensory system and the abiillty to feel and sense the frequencies around us.

Tuning into this natural frequency of who we are has much to do with slowing down enough to feel and sense the air on our skin, our child laughing, the person next to you crying. If we are matter slowed down enough to become physical form, we must also remember to return our minds to the slower form of frequency that is our true nature.

May you rest in the true frequency of your nature, may you be well, may you be happy.