Finding Your Guidepost

Sometimes we reach a crossroads in life. Old ways, old paths pull at us telling us to keep the status quo. Yet there is something larger pulling, calling us toward our best selves, the self in alignment with our higher calling.

Very often the pull to our higher calling starts out subtelty, a tug at the heart, heightened emotionality, feeling unsure and “something not right”. Some not so subtle cues include:
* feeling more old issues flare up such as parental issues
* post traumatic stress symptoms from old wounds 
* “I don’t want this” in relationships and work
* heightened sensitivity to people and places
One of the most common patterns of resistance to the larger calling is getting locked in one or all of the fearsome 3:
1. Blame – Defensiveness
2. Shame
3. Guilt
These 3 will act as a cloud around you blocking your potential. I will talk about these  in my July 2016 newsletter along with their parallels of acceptance, beauty and compassion. And the antidote for balance with your life.
Regardless of the symptoms, when not listened to… Everything may falls apart…marriages, psyche, physical health, even deaths. It will happen very often in 3’s.
This process can last for a month or for decades.
Many people get caught in the cycle of self analysis, self help, arm chair spirituality, and/ or overworking. For those who are affluent, overworking even when simplifying their lives still remains the barrier. 
All of these are guideposts. And when not caught in reactivity, we can see that they are all cairns on the path toward what our spirit and the larger connection to the Source/God calls us to enact.
We can see the larger Spiritual calling happening in the U.S. right now.
There is great beauty in all of this for something larger awaits us. Pause and integration is needed. Time to reflect, to see the patterns and to open to new possibilities no matter how scary and different they may look.
There is a larger, greater, magical inner and outer wired awaiting us…stay tuned and check in with me if you would like support in finding and working with your spiritual guideposts toward a happier vital you….