Community Yoga before Tara Brach, Jonathan Foust and Hugh Byrne’s meditation classes

Starting this Sunday January 17, Rita will be teaching yoga in 3 locations, Arlington, Virginia, Washington D.C. and Bethesda, Maryland. Each class will be before the dharma talk and meditation of Jonathan Foust, Tara Brach and Hugh Byrne.

If you’d like to support your meditation practice or to even begin a meditation practice, please consider coming an hour earlier to enjoy a yoga class.

The yoga class offers a form of movement that is particularly well-suited for meditation. You’ll explore practices that will energize and strengthen you, help you release deep-seated tension and cultivate a sense of presence and well-being. The class is designed to be inclusive for all levels of yoga, from new to experienced.

The yoga class will be offered at the following places and times:

6:30 p.m. Monday nights before Jonathan Foust’s class at the Unitarian Universalist church in Arlington, Virginia.

6:30 p.m. Wednesday nights (except 1st Wed of the month) before Tara Brach’s class at the Unitarian Universalist Church on River Road in Bethesda, Maryland, in the Fireside room.

9:00 a.m. Sunday mornings before Hugh Byrne’s class at Center for Mindful Living in Washington D.C. Please note, class will be held an 75 minutes BEFORE meditation class.

A few details:
* The session starts on time. Come early to set up.
* Bring your own yoga mat and a blanket.
* Please let the instructor know any issues you may have so they can best
support you.
* From brand new to experienced. the flow is suitable for all levels. You’ll start with a brief introduction, practice breathing techniques, guided postures and end with a lying down meditation / relaxation.
* The class is secular and does not promote or aspire toward any religious philosophy.
* The session ends 10 minutes before the sitting meditation and dharma talk of the teacher and gives you time to transition to the guided meditation and class. It may be helpful to find your seat before you attend the yoga class (especially for Tara’s class).
This class is offered freely so that no one is denied access to the practices. Your donation helps cover the cost of the room and supports the teacher.
This is a drop in class and you are welcome anytime. For more information, please contact Rita Naomi Moran at 301-452-8924 or [email protected].