Breakfast at Montrose Pool: Nature Journal May 11, 2017

We hiked up a mile to Montrose pool this morning to eat our breakfast, a place that ran with clear and cold snow run off in February. Now at the beginning of May, it’s dry except for large pools formed by the full moon rains of the day before.

Sometimes it’s nice just to sit in one place and explore. With children this is much easier to do. They see the details in everything. The are also closer to the ground and witness bugs, lizards and tracks in a way most adults won’t.


On our way down we paused to take in the beauty of the countryside…and the ants. The mountains were dotted green from the recent rains.




Once down the mountain, we entered into the wash to look at tadpoles. Robbie has a particular fascination with the mica in the soil, bedrock and river floor. He was delighted to find a nice large piece.

We ended our hike with a snack and went back to finish school work. Tomorrow we are off to Bryce National Park!