10 Second Mindfulness Technique…for the Child in You or the Child Beside You

No matter the age, we all have a need for a good start to the day. Slowing down before we speed up, allows for the nervous system to have a calmer reference. A “home” as it were to come back to during the day.

On most mornings, my son and I play the game “what do you hear?”
We name 5 things.
This morning we heard…
-a woodpecker in the front yard
-the rustling of bed clothes
-the sound of the furnace
-our breathing
-the wind
By starting the day this way and then coming back to sensation, it could be sensing the hands or feet, you are re-wiring the brain to slow down and pay attention. And in paying attention and taking a pause from engaging with the world around you, your blood pressure goes down, your stress hormones go down which reduces blood sugar and cravings…your overall internal well being becomes greatly enhanced.
And when we are calm, the people around us breathe easier. This one simple technique can already make the world a better place by just you sensing.