You can come home now

I work out on a military base. The conversations at the gym today ranged from “wtf, I’m turning in my … gun”… to fear that the government will enforce laws that will take away rights.

The positive: conversation was happening on all sides.

The negative: the cost it took to have the conversation.

As some there would attest, desensitization is part of the training to go to war. The art of living in peace is recognizing we are all connected. Somewhere in there we must find that balance.

I define PTSD as-desensitization to the point past numbness, a disconnect not only at the prefrontal cortex governing rational thinking but a simultaneous disconnect from “a way” back to the heart. The hormonal cascades that erupt are most often from sustained or recurring trauma or predisposition. Meditation and sitting is difficult if your mind is racing caught in a trauma loop. This is what brought me originally to movement, until I learned I was safe enough to not keep running. And then through physical therapy and yoga where movements became refined into smaller movements and standing still, I could sit a bit more. In working with veterans and adult survivors of abuse this pattern also proved to be the case. What became important then and even more so now, was to provide a safe space, a“safety house” between me and the other person, to let the person know that they were cared for through basic fundamental things everyone knows, like looking at trees, breathing, and movement, and eventually hands on care if that was our contract.

Right now, we are being desensitized. Truly I believe we must find nourishing means to continue to come back to the heart…which is different for different people. But letting people know, reminding each other that we can come back is important. We must help each other to find a safe house inside and between each other, this is the key from going numb. Right now part of that for me is in part listening when I can, moving with awareness, and trying to touch at least one person a day outside of my immediate family with kindness.

This is my prayer. This is my action. It is 1 step, but 1 step toward an intention of a life filled with care and love.

🙏🏽 -Rita Naomi