Whatever You Do Long Enough…

“Whatever you do long enough is a meditation.”

We were driving down the road and I heard Robbie say this to his friend Matteus in the back seat. They were playing with Lego’s and his friend asked why he was quiet.

Lego’s have always been Robbie’s “meditation”. He immersed himself in it, processes his emotions through it and eases into transitions with manipulating the blocks not really thinking per se, just flowing.

We don’t really need a special meditation practice to meditate. Whatever we do regularly, long enough and daily with presence can be the practice. The difference is what we do with the mind.

If your thoughts are full of anger, sadness and guilt, there is a neurocascade of hormones that meet that and become self fulfilling over time. If your thoughts become trained for gratitude, and the felt sense of love, your hormones will match this.

The nice thing about the body and brain is that it will follow your thought patterns over time changing your health and the people around you for good. It may mean a challenging process of realizing and letting go of your immediate circle of perceived friends and connections, but those that come will match where your heart thoughts go. It may mean your work and home may change, but all will be okay.

Ultimately in any meditation practice, letting go of the mind, and of even any direction toward bad or good is important. Our spiritual nature is neither good or bad and there is a deep peace and stillness to this. Anyone who spends any time in “Mother Nature” can attest to the peace and stillness of “no thoughts”. But our physical and emotional body must reside here, and we must support them. Paying attention, being mindful about where our mind and actions go is a vital step in the meditation practice and in coming home to ourselves…and truly healing ourselves and the world.