What If…

What if there is no practice, no person, no teacher that can lead or center you to where you must go? What if where you must go is nowhere, who you must be is no one, and what you must do is nothing? What if life is just this.

Because the thing IS this: we all want the same thing…to be loved and to love. We try to corner the market on love in our daily life, focusing and putting our energy into one group, one family, one way of life, one culture, a certain value system yet this behavior only serves to separate us from that which is here all around us. We polarize to connect, when really we must let go of identification from anyone and anything, connect within to connect outside.

What if you didn’t have to work so hard in all areas of your life? What would happen?

What if the hurt you are experiencing is not really hurt but a story you tell yourself about yourself?

You are loved perfectly for who you are. You are the manifestation of light streaming and can be nothing but that. All struggle in many ways is the struggle of the mind to want to be something it is not.

Love naturally radiates forth. The natural radiance of love gets caught in places within the tissue, within the psyche, within the beliefs and culture with which we were raised and we interpret this catch through the mind. To find knowledge and wisdom, to discern and understand what is happening inside so that we can be fully present on the outside is our most important job. For if we do not know where we are coming from, we are destined to create life and relationships from a wound and from something that is not who we really are. We end up lost, finding people, places and situations to keep that unconsciousness supported. Seeking guidance and help through teachings, therapists, friends, and others is good, yet ultimately you are here to create your own life of meaning. Centering around others, even as a mother with centering around one’s children, is destined to create great suffering for yourself and others if at some point your own self is not acknowledged. We all have a path to walk, it is one of our most important jobs as parents to teach our children to center within themselves regardless of people, place, achievements and things.

If you are going to ask me, how in the world can I move forward then if I do not aspire and set goals? How in the world do I create if I don’t set an intention? How do I heal if I don’t pray?

I am not saying you don’t pray. I am not saying you don’t set an intention. And I am not saying you do not set goals and aspirations. What I am saying is that without awareness of WHO is saying the prayer….of USING YOUR WILL instead of learning the LANGUAGE OF THE SOUL that is here to speak through you, you will suffer more than what your soul had ever planned.

No plans you make with the mind are ever as great as the plans of the heart, soul, and of the larger force that governs all of us.

May you in your day find the peace of your soul in this moment, in this breath, in this exact place where you are right now.