What Do You Hear When You Look…?

How do you perceive you with each sense?

Pause and try each of these for a brief moment:

Look at yourself in the mirror. Smell your body. Hum and hear your voice. Taste your sweat or a loved piece of food. Squeeze your arms and legs.

What are the voices you hear as you engage with each sense? For some of you, the mere idea of tasting and smelling oneself may seem distasteful. Notice that. Acknowledge yourself for where you are. This is your barometer for bringing another to you: your capacity to engage with another in a healthy loving way is directly influenced by how you engage with yourself.

You don’t have to learn to love to smell yourself if you don’t want to. But it is important to notice what you say to yourself when smelling. If you can treat yourself with loving kindness for where you are in the moment, others will be more free to do the same. -Rita Naomi

May we all be happy and well.