Managing the gift of second sight and intuition, part 1

It is hard to say what is harder, having the ability to intuit and see or managing the ability to intuit and see. I say this because at least right now, managing the invisible in this Western society is very challenging. Most people still primarily engage in the logical mind and the need to see, prove and touch something before it can be real. Times are changing though and it will be a lot easier for my son and the children born now. We are shifting to an integrative brain, a brain in which there is a requirement for balance between the capacity to flow and create with the logical mind.

For those of you following my blog, when I talk about “see”, we are talking about it in the capacity of second sight and intuition, the vision that exists outside of our ability to see with our eyes. Having said that I must clarify what my “seeing” is.

Most people define second sight as sight that exists outside our sensory perception. I would argue that second sight and most intuitive sight exists BECAUSE of the senses working in concert. I believe there is another aspect of our nervous system and our cellular DNA that when activated can illuminate and inform us about healing and actions to take in the world. However the key component of this activation lies in the connection to the heart. Without the heart, there is a misuse and distortion of the potential energy that can be used leading one to feel disoriented and disengaged, floating as it were. With input from the environment, the fascial body acts as the receiver, the sensory system transmits it, the different levels of the brain interpret it through experience (neural connections), the frontal cortex perceives and translates it. In short, I believe second sight and intuition is a physiological system consisting of several systems (fascia, nervous, cellular metabolism, cardiovascular) and is its own system with its own functionality.

And if you are asking yourself what the fascial body and sensory system are translating from the environment, I will address this at another post. But for now, consider that just as wireless is a form of invisible information that exists in our environment, so is energy and  brain waves from another. There is a lot of energy transmitted between people and within groups of people that we cannot see. We only have to walk into a room to sense what people are feeling, we don’t need to ask.

For my gift, I don’t claim to have the gift of prophecy or the ability to see events as they are about to happen. My sight is a heightened sensibility that engages every one of my senses: vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell to become one larger sense that informs me of what is askew in the body or a disease state in the blueprint of the individual. Sometimes I literally see a disease state but experience it as well through a type of movement, taste in my mouth and sound in my ears.  But this ability does not just inform me of a physical disease state, I sense and hear the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states…a way of seeing the person in front of me in their WHOLE entirety and very often past this linear dimension of experience. A type of “wholistic” taken to another level.

Sometimes that sensibility translates into a group, or as of late, into a region or part of the world. I have had this ability, a type of strange compassion since a child.