“Thank you so much for an awesome class today. I have taken 100’s of yoga classes from an array of teachers & traditions. Today’s class was exceptional.”

I was amazed at your ability to guide my movements at such a subtle level. This kind of fine tuning enabled me to submerge into a deep and luxurious awareness. You also provided a safe and encouraging container for me to explore asanas i usually shy away from. The brightness of our class seemed particularly illuminating in contrast to the grey & rainy day…..thank you!

* RG – 500 hour registered yoga teacher

“She’s a highly skilled and gifted professional.”

Rita’s work over the course of a year helped improve functioning in my hip/leg area that had been damaged by surgery. Her exceptional nurturing skills also helped with calming and centering.

* E.K., Ph.d.

“Her multi-disciplinary and multi-modality approaches provide alternative avenues that clients can pursue to find mental, physical, and spiritual wholeness.”

Rita introduced me to “body energy” over a decade ago and her initial introduction plus subsequent sessions continuously serve as my solid base for experiencing all dimensions of my being. Rita takes the best of several physical and spiritual healing practices and blends them to offer a unique approach to helping someone integrate his or her mind, body and spirit in ways that a person can live the life they want or hope to live. She stays on the leading edge. Her pleasant and thoughtful approach adds joy to the journey. You won’t be disappointed with her approach.

* J.P., Ph.d.

“I have had chronic lymphedema in my legs most of my life that is congenital…”

I also wanted to get pregnant and had a difficult time doing so. After working with Rita for a year, I was able to conceive, have a healthy thriving pregnancy, and give birth to a beautiful baby girl.

“I came in with a problem I was facing in life and I walked out with my own gift unveiled to support me not only for the specific problem but for rebuilding my life through a new lens.”

I decided to take the Inner Wisdom Mapping class with Rita because I trust her. If she was coming out to share her healing gift, I wanted to be one of the first ones to experience it. During the class with her, I experienced a sense of true empowerment. Rita guided me through her intuition, love, non-judgement and healing abilities to have a direct experience of my gift. I got a better sense of who I am. I recommend taking a class with Rita to unveil your gift and power. This is really urgent, as each and everyone of us is an indispensable part of the whole.

* C., Senior Biodiversity Specialist, World Bank