Incredible Caper Kale salad. Makes me caper about the kitchen!

Paleo. Vegan. Dairy Free. Grain free. Great tasting. Easy.

2 cups of baby kale (or arugala or field greens)

1/2 shredded carrot

sprouts (used baby carrot and spring onion sprouts from farmer’s market but lentil or broccoli or any will do)

2 tsp capers (if you don’t have capers, you can use green olives and a bit of brine)

2 tsp bacon bits (I used real bacon for my family but there is vegan alternative that I used as well)

2 tsp toasted or raw sunflower seeds

cilantro salad dressing: vegan mayo, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, finely chopped cilantro, garlic salt, onion powder, dab of mustard, and dash of lemon juice. (needs the acid) sorry did not measure. But will in future post. Mix well and enjoy.


Oh my. incredible.