Healing Philosophy

Healing Philosophy

My philosophy of healing includes the following 3 tenets:

A. We are born with an energy blue print. Our physical body is a projection of this energy blueprint. When a disconnect occurs between the physical and energetic, disease can occur.
B. Every individual has a frequency. Every spiritual tradition and healing force has its own frequency. We are attracted to individuals, traditions and healing practices because of similar resonant frequencies.
C. Sensation is the gateway to God and/or the Universal Life Source. Part of sensation in everyday life must include pleasure.

When one of these is not in harmony, we suffer. My job is to investigate where the disconnect is in these 3 aspects and bring them back into harmony.

My primary focus as a healer is “right relationship”. It starts with helping others to hear the stories and messages that they hear about themselves. As a healer and intuitive, I hear the inner stories being told and offer this as a guide and as part of our connection. We focus together on these stories and use them expressively in many different ways, such as touch, movement, experiential exercises and dialoguing so that our inner perceptions can become illuminated and focused in the direction they are being guided to go.

Right relationship also includes the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spirit. In the physical body, we have the fascial system, the nervous system, the skin or integumentary, the lymphatic system, and the circulatory system that connect and inform us. A disconnect in any of these physical systems can effect us emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Spiritually in the sense we forget more easily are larger connection, mentally we can become imbalanced and stressed from chronic tension in the body, and emotionally we can become panicked, anxious and depressed from the conflict between subtle messages of the body and our environment. By using my skills as a physical therapist and healer, I evaluate and assess the physical body as the platform for re-establishing right relationship and connection within the energetic, frequency and sensory systems for true healing.

Re-establishing connection is vital in healing. As a teacher, my job is to pierce the veil of story and obstacles that prevent you from living your sacred purpose and living your life dream. My job is to inspire and clarify the individual to move into their sacred purpose. “Clarify the individual” is not a typo, we must be very clear about what we are projecting because our internal state, beliefs and shadow are what is manifest in front of us. My gift lies in this clarity. There is a way through co-creation of this process with me you can live your sacred purpose with more resources, greater happiness and greater health and well being.

I work primarily in groups. Our frequencies together create for greater healing. We all have the capacity to heal which is enforced with greater power when we merge in community.

Can you take away pain?

I have in my work as a healer taken away cancer, illnesses and other forms of extreme suffering. But my role is not to take away pain. I help people to have great insight and the necessary tool to take action. However very often insight can also mean great change. And some people do not want to make the necessary changes in their life to listen to what the pain is telling them. The important part is to help people accept first where they are and to assist them moment by moment. I don’t fix so much as inspire the healing potential to do what it must. It may be that the illness is what you must go through, which is why western medicine is vital to support the healing process as is herbal and other healing modalities. It is your path, and the frequency of healing is there, we work together in community to find it.

What does the present moment have to do with healing?

When we can sense moment by moment what is here before us, not the story of what we want to hear, great resources can arise. Our mind conditioning, our drive, belief systems and even karma gets in our way from hearing at times what is really here. My job is to bring us to each moment as a witness and outer support, to break through inner conditioning and facilitate illumination of thought and belief so that you can shift into a higher frequency of expression and living.

What is healing?

Healing is when the frequency of our inner nature and the outer nature of what we have created is in harmony. Healing is when you know yourself, and are at liberty to act or rest within this presence. The world looks more vibrant and you feel more vibrant.

How do I connect with you?

I teach group classes several times a year in different parts of the world. Currently I teach in San Francisco and the Washington DC area 1x/month. If you are interested in me coming to your area, email my administrator and we can talk about a timeline that works for all of us. I will be traveling to Boston the 3rd weekend of November to each a class on Chronic Pleasure in Daily Living and in Italy in early December 2014.

I also teach via Skype 1x/week for 6 week modules.

Why do some people heal and others do not?

It all comes down to one’s path, one’s journey in this life.

For some, their journey is to find modalities and manners of expression to transcend their existence. For some they take the healing all the way to death. For most people, it comes down to managing the signals inside and around them. Inside signals can come from a cellular level and it is important to have dialogue at this level. I will work at times at this level. But I also work with “inner wisdom” signals, and assisting others in finding their own road map of inner wisdom. Whether the individual listens or not is their choice. For some it is too difficult, and that is okay, that is where walking the middle way and incorporating an integration of western and alternative modalities is key.