Give a compliment today

We live in a very fragile world. If you have ever held a baby or child in your arms, you only have to remember that one moment when they looked at you with vulnerability, that life was totally dependent on you.  Our world is dependent on connections biologically, from the root systems of the trees that form a web of connections supplying nutrients and communication across the forest floor, to the ocean and its vast floor of life, to our humanity that entrains with each other in positive AND negative thoughts.

Chris Ulmer, a teacher in Jacksonville, Florida starts the school day by giving a compliment to his students. Each of his 8 special education students is called up to the front of the classroom and given compliments about their own greatness. This treatment has resulted in improved well being, integration in the school and participation in school activities.

He took children challenged by their environment and made them feel included. And as a result each of them feels empowered to be a part of the group. Who knows what gifts have yet to be unfolded by these students?

And we are no different than those children. We all have challenges in our everyday. But we might want to consider following the lead of this teacher…rather than gossip…judge…how about seeing something good in another person, how about seeing something good in you? Who knows what gift you may be preserving or bringing forth by your kindness…and what you may be denying by your judgement and gossip.

Today, consider giving a compliment to someone. It may seem small, but overtime, it may bring a person into a place of true service and help the world in more ways you can’t even imagine…

And if you are reading this…I know how much you care. How much you want to be cared for, to be heard…and how important your gifts are to the world…so go out there and do it…I know you can!!!