Cycles of Water, Cycles of Life

I have found myself between 2 worlds, the world of home schooling and the world of the public school. In some ways, this place has been a place of extremes, reflective of what we see in much of politics, economy and society right now.

For me as a healer and someone who is motivated by integration, I find that being of both of these worlds is important. I am teaching my son to think on his own, to respect our values, to learn how to live in nature with primitive skills but also to work in a public setting so he can see how most people live, think, act and feel.
In this new cycle of life we are moving toward where all we can see in the media are polarities and extremes, there lies a place of stillness, a place of integration between both worlds which we must bring in and acknowledge as the world we have created, to take steps within our own selves to monitor and resolve our own polarities, so that we can bring this out into a healed world form.
But to get to that healed form, we must take breaks from the stories of our lives and remember we are in a larger cycle.
This morning it was pouring rain as my 7 year old son and I walked to his school. He said, “Mom, the clouds are crying. Their tears are feeding the soil. Our tears, the clouds tears, it all feeds the soil. But then the sun comes out and feeds the plants. It’s one big cycle mom.”

Yes, we choose our value systems, but we must also remember we live with others and need each other for the sun to come out and flourish.

That basic human need for community does not need to be exclusive, rather it can be as the cell is to the body: we can respect the other cells and work togetherā€¦realizing that some cellular systems work better somewhere else in different locations, but that all cellular units come together to make a whole earth being. Even cancerous systems, which are cellular systems that are taking excessive energy into hyper growth can be redirected into another form of potentiality for the organism. How to do this is not necessarily clear for any of us right now, but setting the intention for the highest good for all of usā€¦and by starting first at home with our children, and recognizing cycles of life in our every day, can go a long way toward informing us of the next steps in the new landscape.

May the shine warmly on our heart, may your tears feed the soil and bring forth New Life, and a New Way for all beings to thrive and flourish.