3 Treasures…Energy Management

“I have three treasures. Guard and keep them: The first is deep love, The second is frugality, And the third is not to dare to be ahead of the world. Because of deep love, one is courageous. Because of frugality, one is generous. Because of not daring to be ahead of the world, one becomes the leader of the world.” -Lao Tzu

From a health and spiritual standpoint, frugality refers to being mindful of energy expenditure, how we use our bodies and minds in the engagement of life. In yoga, this concept is referred to as Brahmacharya, or energy management. When we become aware of our energy levels and how we are using our energy to direct our action and ultimately others through our actions, we can gain insight and wisdom. Mismanagement can result in a loss of emotional and physical balance, resulting in negative behavior and poor health.

A technique such as Reiki is a good example of becoming aware of energy and learning to manage it for the good of others. Reiki is divided into 3 attunements or levels. The first attunement is focused on healing the self, becoming aware of extending energy to ourselves, and healing ourselves. The second attunement is focused on healing another or something external to us. The third attunement is universal healing, taking into account our incarnation, the healing of others and ultimately all of us; for we are all connected…one mind, one heart, one world. The practice of Metta meditation, or loving kindness meditation also exemplifies this idea of becoming aware of energy with the resulting outcome of being mindful and kind to oneself and others.

Frugality here also refers to being mindful of taking in an excess of energy. This can be through eating too much, or eating food that is not nourishing, too much time watching images of violence on television and media, too much time on social media, or being around people that take and drain vital energy from what you know you need to be doing. Too much energy results in toxins that build up into negative thoughts and disease states.

Frugality in work and exercise is also important. We must know when to challenge ourselves, to push to our limit, but sustained over time can lead to muscle breakdown, joint injury and increased stress at work with poorer and poorer coping over time. Too little work whether in our vocation and heart desire or in exercise results in heaviness, dullness, anxiety and depression. The ability to be flexible, to come back to what is important and use our energies for when we must drive forward, and when to recede; this flexibility indicates balance, keeping ourselves in check or “fruguality” helps to maintain this.

When we become aware of our energy and our own needs, we can be more mindful. When we are more mindful, we can manage ourselves much easier and our worlds. With this awareness can come greater lasting energy and power, for then the energy we manifest is stable and integrated in our body. Frugality then becomes generosity, for when we are nourished and in balance we have more we CAN give, more we WANT to give to others, and more we can give with INTEGRITY to the world.

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