30 Day Vital Energy

I’m putting together a brand new program!

It helps women who have chronic illness and fatigue to boost their energy and reclaim their life in 30 days.  

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It’s called the 30 Day Vital Energy Challenge for Women who have Chronic Illness and Fatigue: A Proven Path to Having More Energy and Feeling Better (even if you have tried physical therapy, yoga, and meditation). 

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In it, you’re going to learn: 

– How to increase your vital energy and reduce daily fatigue

– How to incorporate movement and other healthy habits into your already busy life

– How to reduce your daily stress

– How to improve your sleep quality

– How to eat better for your current needs

– How to plan your travel according to your needs 

Interested? I have a few more slots open for this online event. Email me at [email protected] for more information.

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